Jindi wooden door you, "environmental struck, five commitment" simply can not stop!

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Oh? I want to see it carefully

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday overlap

Little G sister this mood ah

That excitement

Tears could not help but flow out

Throw away the job and throw away the computer!

Just want to go shopping!

The world is so big, I want to see

Every holiday comes before

Body and mind simply can not wait to travel


A trip down

Was emptied physically and mentally

Coincides with the National Day Golden Week is approaching

Why not choose to go to Goldea Jindi Wooden Gate


And its hollowed out as the choice of relaxation


Kim Dijun has a coup

Let you in this country celebrate the day

Relaxed and happy through the Mid-Autumn Festival

1、National Day Golden Week environmentally friendly wooden low-cost struck!

The lowest annual 899 per frame, 10 per city limit.

2, prepaid 50 yuan privilege deposit, turn 4 times!

 Into the store to send car vacuum cleaner! While the deposit turned 4 times, 50 yuan worth 200 yuan. The audience in addition to a paragraph explosion, all other styles can be used.


3, under the right to enjoy the double gift!

Free to receive Jindi wooden door Mid-Autumn Festival can also participate in the gold egg activities, eggs have surprises, 100% winning, super color TV, Thailand latex pillow, brand four sets of prizes waiting for you to come and collect!


Really healthy drunk fashion


Healthy home fitted with Jindi wooden door