Dry goods | Jindi wooden door installation, these points you need to pay attention!

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Wood furniture is full of Zen, gives a sense of close to nature, so always popular with consumers, of course, the door is no exception! What do we need to pay attention to when installing the wooden doors? Jindi Jun to come to you under the following summary!



In the interior of the floor tiles and putty after the completion of the installation of wooden doors, to advance the door in advance, do not install the brick side. We have to install the wooden door in front of the door to the necessary moisture, anti-corrosion treatment, after all, the door is different from other materials, the door is easy to change the water, long gone there may be rotten.

Install the wooden door, the wooden door should be placed on the ground, so as not to deformation. But also to avoid the sun to the wooden door. In order to prevent the door after the installation of the door frame and the walls around the gap is too large, it is best to make multiple measurements to prevent errors, under normal circumstances, the installation of the door frame should be lower than the door beam 10 ~ 15mm。



When installing the wooden door must be gently, so as not to knock bad corners, affecting the use.


    The door frame needs to be filled with foaming agent during installation, and the blowing agent may be inflated due to the dry weather. At this time we have to ensure that the vertical frame, so as to avoid the expansion of foam blowing bulge and damage the door frame. At the same time, pay attention to the diagonal must be aligned, the error range should be within 1mm (2 meters) and 1.5mm (more than 2 meters).


    We also mentioned that the wooden doors are afraid of moisture, so when we install the wooden doors, we have to measure the moisture under the wall, if less than 25%, then the installation is no problem, if more than 25%, we need to do moisture isolation layer The.


    Although the wooden doors look good, but with the erosion of time will always change, this time maintenance is very important. Wooden doors can not withstand the wind and sun, so with the outdoor connection is not recommended to install wooden doors, as far as possible the wooden doors installed in the room. Try not to touch the door with wet hands, it is easy to make the door rust.

In the wooden doors to clean up, try to use soft cloth, cotton to wipe, avoid using hard cloth scratch door. In order to maintain the gloss of the wooden surface, you can buy a special wood curing liquid.


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