Jindi wooden door 丨 refused to almost Mr., show your home doors STYLE

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This summer, many people began to understand hip hop, try rap, know that China has a group of great rappers, began to understand the diss culture, one on a battle, it is blowing a burst of national freestyle wind.

As if everyone had a seemingly confused, lazy period, and these simple and rude, keep it real lyrics just poke the pain of today's young people.

"I just want to have endless cash" "buddy want to make money to move to the city center"

"I work day and night from the long water take off / time repeatedly urging me to forget the tired / that bitter taste can only feel their own"

"I am almost a gentleman / my almost born is born / this is almost the life / always in the joints"

     So, as the lyrics are written in the dirty house to make do with the day of life, with the monotony of the home doors, chatting people like dog days of children. Accustomed to the night ran toward the bedroom rushed from the living room passing, preferring in the major luxury stores chop hand, but do not want to mind the operation of quality life.

In fact, we say that the home is the soul of the harbor, it gives us is to link each family members the existence of the joy of life. And life can inspire all of us for the determination of crossing the hills and for the poems and distant vision.

     The next will be recommended to you several King Wood doors STYLE, welcome tasting!

Key words: Spring STYLE

Jindi spring, so you better feel the warmth in the spring. To Jane modern minimalist style and fresh fashion as the main feature, suitable for modern petty bourgeoisie status, in the busy work can have a warm harbor, compared with the busy city is not enough luxury but highlights the modern.

Key words: summer STYLE

Jindi summer, so you better feel the warm summer and unrestrained, very affinity for the pastoral style, soft colors with the atmosphere by the majority of young people like, romantic Mediterranean style, always let our minds emerge Beautiful scenery, so you can feel at home different kind of exotic ~ ~  

Keywords: autumn STYLE

Jindi's autumn, symbolizes maturity, which means harvest. Flowers bloom, fruitful, elegant and warmth, at the moment slowly pouring fragrance. Is a kind of classical culture and modern civilization inheritance and interdependence of contemporary aristocratic civilization. In the atmosphere, grace of the home environment in the distribution of quiet pride of temperament, very connotation. 

Key words: winter STYLE

Jindi winter, is a Jindie minimalist STYLE, the overall home furnishings exudes a stylish and elegant temperament. Smooth and bright line design, calm atmosphere of the decoration so that the entire space full of fashion, in line with the modern life taste. Whether you love warm or love avant-garde style, this simple and luxurious style are very sought after. Even if the furnishings are simple, it is the basis of fine quality.


Whether it is focus on function, or value art, or the pursuit of ingenuity, to enjoy the extreme, when we are tired of exaggerated, eager to purely, only then suddenly found: those who are extraordinary, devoted to the heart of the concept of a serious positive attitude of life, co-mapping We Jindi wooden door STYLE.


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