North and South Huixin Jindi - Jiangsu Jindi Wooden Co., Ltd. was held at the ceremony

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In the middle of China with a thing to the mountains - Qinling. Since ancient times, because of its special geographical environment, and thus brought about the Qinling Mountains north-south climate change, cultural landscape, living customs and other aspects of the difference, known as the north-south dividing line, we have later we called "North and south". And now, Jindi wooden doors will also create their own "north and south" chess game. The difference is that Jindi wooden door is more to the north and south door industry market integration, from a single competition to diversify competition, from point to surface to achieve in-depth development, so as to promote the enterprise group's all-round strategic layout and production expansion.

Founded in 1986 in Zhejiang Jindi, is a investment, production, research and development, trade in an integrated enterprise groups, 30 years of trials and hardships, Jindi in China's wood products industry has left a heavy color. As a company dedicated to the production of high-end health doors, Jindi wooden doors to promote the modernization of China's wooden sector and the process of building China's health doors, he is the industry pioneer, is also the industry leader. In 1998, Jindi pioneered the category of Chinese Mianqi doors, so that China's wooden sector from the traditional Luban process to modern doors of the production of advanced platform. Over the past two decades, driven by the Jindi, Mianqi Mosaic wooden production value has reached 100 billion, this gold won the Chinese Mianqi door fame corporate reputation. 15 years Jindi wooden door always uphold a mentor mentality, do not forget the initial heart of the line, sales have been far ahead of other wooden doors brand, industry champion category deserved!

In recent years, the door industry has been rapid development, market share and influence can not be ignored. In view of the ever-changing domestic wooden door market, wooden doors how to stabilize the demand in the wave of victory, accelerate the development of the brand into a number of door enterprises in front of the first priority. As a leader in the domestic door industry, as early as a year ago, Jindi Group put forward the "North-South, the new Jindi" acres of industrial park strategic expansion of the idea, aimed at domestic consumers to provide more healthy wooden products, Enjoy the quality of quality of life. March 2017 through the national northern city of multi-round market research and comparative analysis, the final Jindi Group decided to the new base of the beautiful scenery of the Hongze Lake, is also China's largest poplar base - Jiangsu Siyang County Italian Yang Industrial Park.

China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association wooden doors and windows Committee Chairman Zhang Guolin speech

Siyang County is located in the northern part of China's "top ten new Tianfu", the Yangtze River Delta region, is the Huaihai economic circle, the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, along the canal town axis cross radiation area, is China's only " "And" China's green plate town ", known as" plain Linhai, Xanadu "reputation. Jindi wooden door Jiangsu Siyang new base once completed, you can become Asia's first-class wooden doors (wood products) acres of manufacturing base, can be described as Jindi wooden doors to create 1.5 million sets of wooden doors and wood products production capacity. Bringing together South Hangzhou 900,000 sets of wooden doors production capacity, Jindi wooden goalkeeper in one fell swoop to become China's largest wooden door north and south monomer manufacturing base, but also one of Asia's leading large-scale manufacturing base.

Siyang County People's Congress Standing Committee Director Wang Yezhen speech

State-owned "Chinese dream", this "Golden Di dream", with the future of the North and South Xinxin Jindi strategic vision of the successful completion of the multi-dimensional competition plan Jin Di will gradually be revealed. South Hangzhou after years of technology, industry, sales network of precipitation, with wooden production of natural advantages, and as a wardrobe, bathroom and other manufacturing base, the future will continue to more high-end wooden products to break through, and truly create China Health wood products one-stop leading brand. North Siyang will rely on Siyang natural natural resources advantages - China's largest poplar industry base, continue to expand the door industry, while achieving talent, capital, technology to enhance the overall market and continue to dig deep digging, to the domestic northern region Market and international market

Siyang County People's Congress Standing Committee Director Wang Yezhen speech...

North and South, the new Jindie! In the future, Jindi will continue to be brilliant and prosperous, and will continue to expand its efforts to contribute to the standardization of industrial products and industrial standardization. We will continue to strive to maintain market leaders in the rolling tide of industry development Attitude to a more positive and strong attitude to participate in international market competition, in order to achieve the international brand of Jindi wooden road!