Warmly welcome the leadership of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to visit Zhejiang Jin Di Holdings Group Co., Ltd. visit!

Date:2017-10-19 09:12:02 Clicks:625

On the morning of May 26, Liu Junchen, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and secretary of the Party Committee of the Trademark Office, and Cui Shou-dong, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and Xu Xiaofu, secretary of the Party committee of the town of Xiaoli, Xiaoshan District, Xiao Zhenhui, the mayor of the town, Xu Mingfu, Duan Holding Group Co., Ltd. President Wang Lingjuan, general manager of home business, such as Mr. Wang Guoping, accompanied by the visit to visit the town of Gua town brand guide station, Zhejiang Jin Di Holdings Group Limited.

Jindi Group was founded in 1986, as China's high-end health doors of the founding enterprises, has won the "China's overall home Union" chairman of the unit, "China's green doors of green enterprises", "China's good wooden doors" honorary title. Has been actively fulfill the corporate social responsibility, establish and improve the rules and regulations of the wooden industry, and effectively regulate the production and business activities.


 Leadership has visited the Xiaoshan District Guali town brand guide station, the group bathroom showroom. Wang Lingjuan, vice president of Liu and his party gave a detailed introduction to the Group's production and operation, Goldea Jindi own brand building, global trademark registration, etc., Liu pointed out that the state attaches great importance to corporate brand building, and actively support and encourage business units to declare well-known Trademark identification.

Trademark brand building, is a long-term development of enterprises must pass through the road, we must continue to improve the independent innovation capability and independent brand building, accelerate the upgrading of the core competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve Goldea Jindi brand development of new breakthroughs!