[Green home] health home improvement in addition to green planting, but also have Jindi wooden door!

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Always feel that there is a green plant house called home, want to add their own home green touch, a little creativity can bring a vibrant green life.


    On the narrow width of the narrow plants, the space is not large, to create a green effect is very large, beautiful flower pots are also people feel comfortable!


    Dead corner decoration can be exciting, and plants and books with the deadly lively up, L-shaped shelf in the corner space is very practical.


    Favorite reading corner, comfortable chair, texture of the decorations all into a space, the feeling is not the same.


   Plants are not always on the table, and every corner of the space can be its place. You see, the big pot under the table to make up for the lack of darkness and add color.


    The ceiling is not high enough? Build a vaulted ceiling to put a slender tree in your library.


    Move the green plant to the windowsill Come on, there is enough light here. There is a small skill, plants not too single, more than a combination of different plants.


    Kind of plants suitable for taking root in the water, ready glass vases, fresh water, beautiful plants, decorative effect there.


   Healthy home improvement in addition to green plants, but also have Jindi wooden doors!


    Goldea Jindi wooden door formaldehyde content of less than a glass of water, solid wood doors lower than the traditional compound door 5 times the formaldehyde content to build apple-level health doors. <


    <E0, E1 level of the ultimate environmental standard wood door substrate, to create a modular zero aldehyde health wall board! <


   International leading industrial wisdom to create 4.0 non-standard doors of automated production lines, so that health depends on, can stand a common witness!


    A good home environment requires a healthy care, more than a turntable green doors, more than a healthy guardian! Dress up your own healthy living room environment, starting from that Jindi wooden door!


Healthy home fitted with Jindi wooden door