After-sale service

* we will refund the refund within 7 working days after receipt of the goods returned and undamaged.


 Basic conditions of returned goods:

1. the exchange of goods should be put forward within 7 days from the date of confirmation of the receipt of the goods (the time of receipt of the goods), or 15 days after the completion of the transaction to find the quality problems of the goods.

2. returned goods must be used, not broken for the original packaging, and does not affect the GOLDEA di Tmall mall two sales, except for the quality problems of goods.

3. custom made goods are signed by you and the local stores, and the payment is made in full.

4. no refund of goods caused by the maintenance, alteration and installation of the authorized GOLDEA Tmall mall.

5. when the goods are returned, the external packing, accessories, accessories, gifts, instructions are incomplete, the invoice is missing or altered, and will not be returned.

6., you need to send goods, invoices, gifts back to GOLDEA Di Di Tmall mall, postage should be borne by the buyers themselves.