free design:

1, professional engineering drawings deepening, CDR/CAD art design (free)

2, providing a full set of construction drawings of franchised stores, soft loading and matching, etc., designers guide the whole process of docking, so that you worry about opening new stores (value 3000 yuan / free)



activities promotion series:

1, every year for the national treasure shop instigated more than 5 national linkage activities.

2, new store opening activities support, business is always the most favorable.

3, about 100 days, half the time to ensure the profitability of stores.



high reward support:

1, join Jindi wooden door, send 5000 yuan worth of opening spree

2, the first year sales as long as 1 million 500 thousand yuan, to send a BMW car!

3, Jindi wooden doors Tmall flagship store to achieve a full range of online and offline sales



champion product line:

1, Jindi doors have the most homogeneous product line, provide a solid wood composite, wood doors, wood doors pass custom window set, a whole wardrobe, background wall, wall skirt and other one-stop wood furniture products

2, the French lock!



efficient training system:

1, a special training session will be held every quarter;

2 holds 2 gold medal training courses for gold medal managers each year; (each value is 3800 yuan / new franchisee free)