Franchise advantage

Brand advantage

Goldea Jin Di wood door deep plowing home industry, as the industry leader, precipitation countless new and old user data and industry capital, allowing dealers easier and more long-term access to operating income.


Agency advantage

Regional exclusive agent authorization, monopoly business model, to ensure the interests of distributors, legitimate rights and interests.


Product style advantage

Home Furnishing design elements, more advanced equipment, to create Jindi fashion trends, a collection of modernism, the new Chinese, European and American style, with a wall + cabinet, suitable for different consumer groups.


Material advantage

Selection of old fir, plus Russia Henkel glue, Reno Little finishes, elephants, Fenglin wood, badeshi paint supply chain advantage, is committed to the first brand Chinese health doors.


Marketing advantage

Professional marketing team output store training, supervision, promotion activities, to help dealers build excellent team.


After service advantage

Jindi won the nine consecutive honor of the quality and after-sale service of Chinese wooden doors, and established the quality after-sales service center in the industry, which guaranteed the quality of fixed products and the handling of after-sale problems.