Gold Dizhi spring, spring warm feeling. With simple modern minimalist style and relaxed fashion as the main feature, living situation for the modern bourgeoisie, can have a warm harbor in the busy work, compared with urban heavy traffic here not luxurious but highlight the modern sense. Through exquisite and elegant family accessories, not lose taste, not waste. The overall shape of simple soft show peaceful and calm state of mind, and each part of echoes of the color to the calm environment rendering a vitality, a warm, beautiful life Home Furnishing pieced together, is really refreshing.


Kim Dizhi summer, summer feeling and unrestrained enthusiasm, a feeling of life to the most prosperous and flourishing time. With its affinity to the idyllic atmosphere and the atmosphere of soft tones, it is loved by the vast numbers of young people. The romantic Mediterranean style always gives us a beautiful view in our minds. Infatuated with the Mediterranean style of fresh and bright, obsessed with pure blue and white rhythms of pure nature, there are waves of sound, sea breeze, salty taste. Into such a blue and white house, as to the real seaside, can not tell the dream and reality, Wonderland like beautiful! Fresh and natural Mediterranean style, let you feel a different exotic feeling at home ~!


The golden autumn Dizhi, a symbol of maturity, harvest means. The flowers are blooming, the fruits are full, the grace and warmth are sweet, and the fragrance is pouring out slowly. The high taste of styles, colors, luxurious wooden doors to a projection of emotion, style and rich aesthetic needs and mature, modern people's knowledge, emotion and will adapt to the contemporary civilization, is noble inheritance and cross with a classical culture and modern civilization. With serene atmosphere, elegant temperament in an Home Furnishing environment, rich connotation.


Kim Dizhi winter, minimalism is the owner preferred style, the overall decoration exudes a stylish and elegant temperament. Smooth line design and decoration, a calm atmosphere for the whole space full of fashion, not only pay attention to the practicality of the living room, but also reflects the delicacy and individuality of industrialization of social life, conforms to modern people's quality of life. Whether you like the warm or the avant-garde style, such a simple luxury style is very popular. Even simple furnishings are the basis of exquisite quality