Environmental claims

Everyone needs "green life", and we should be more green in our life. Jin Di wooden door has been advocating green life concept, careful care, love accompanied

Raw material

Abies balsamea

we choose Canada Fir Growth in the cold northern region, because of its slow growing species, close grained, small knots, conducive to the production of more direct and stable wood. Wood straightness, strength, weight ratio, workability, value and availability have become the most widely used tree species combination in the construction industry.

fir characteristics is not easy to warp; excellent durability, nail good performance; widely used in construction, mill equipment, pane, wooden doors, wood trim, cabinetry, ordinary furniture, toys, crafts, musical instruments, such as the template component.

Raw material supply

mainly provides medium / high density fiberboard

is one of the largest China Fenglin wood wood industry group, Nanning, Baise, Guangxi currently has 4 Huanjiang, Shangsi panels plant a total of 530 thousand cubic meters / year production capacity and about 200000 acres of its own fast-growing forest, the headquarters located in Guangxi Nanning city.

mainly includes high quality particleboard, medium / high density fiberboard, decorative board and reinforced board and other

Asia wood (ATP) is the largest manufacturer and distributor of wood products in asia.

mainly provides Boeing film finishing material (PVC)

The Boeing

film is a kind of environmental protection decorative products, is characterized by a strong sense of imitation wood, can replace the quality of logs, because without surface paint processing, avoid all kinds of smell bring discomfort and family to bring the traditional decorative decoration, namely loading live. Indoor and outdoor decoration, ships, cars, aircraft and other ideal surface treatment materials, has been widely used in the whole cabinet, wardrobe, wooden doors and other building materials. (environmental protection standard: > E1 class resistance grade: 3H)

mainly provides high-end PP finishing material

polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin prepared by the polymerization of propylene.

mainly provides UV wood paint, net flavor primer

high-grade wood products need to give high quality paint process, preservation of natural wood green charm, we hope to share with more customers, only to withstand the test of time, in order to highlight the real quality.

Germany Seiko manufacturing

sits on the three standardized production plants, advanced German machinery and equipment Seiko manufacturing, 30 years of excellence in the production process, is the core competitiveness of Jindi brand.

mainly provides water-based glue (original factory)

Henkel water-based glue to achieve zero formaldehyde, more environmentally friendly products more stable