Benchmarking learning, walking into Ali

In September 4, 2017, Meng Qiu, President of the company should travel, in the lead, I came to the legendary Xixi Park and Alibaba will start a new day "Taobao University Research Institute" retail study here.

Trees, streams around, it is a place of business, as a leisure place more in line with the immediate situation, shock me more than the environment is filled with every passing around the face of Ali and proud smile, if not from the heart of the company's recognition and passion for work that is impossible to have such a mental state, a real enterprise employee must not only bring jobs, more important is a development platform, a complete recognition of corporate culture to enterprise truly at home in a group of people together, what not to do, what not to do? Ali's first lesson to me today is already beginning.

It was first passion linger, today's teachers share has already begun, whether it is Ali's "business process and development", or "Ali group talent cultivation of" course, let I deeply feel Ali's professional and the professional, well ingrained and responsible occupation spirit really recognize, no life and excellent, Ali can bring me such a shock feeling, it all have to say is the enterprise culture, the spirit of learning and Ali Ali Ali staff belonging to create so good, this is in fact as our personnel worth learning too much, because after all employees came to our gold Kennedy, his first impression of the Jin Di and the understanding of the company most come from our personnel to his indoctrination, the first impression is good or bad even in To a certain extent decides he will be what kind of attitude to meet the next working life, so in the next work we must be inside the company of the most active and passionate side of sunshine, the perfect interpretation for each person to contact Jin di. Because of various factors, we can not let every one of US personnel exposed to people who choose goldea and struggle together with us, but we can do, "Jin Di will enjoy quality health happy home life concept so that they know and recognize a recognition of our culture, we recognized the concept of people may not be our colleagues, but will become a communicator goldea reputation and potential consumers, therefore, behind the work, we should not only let each have the intention to join us when we say Jin Di story, also let them go to the hall, workshop to experience the gold Di story, with our size, our profession, our products, our strength to let every contact with Jin Di people are impressed by Jin Di, and from the true recognition of Jin Di inside.

A long way is not on the road, with the goal of Ali, as long as the wind and rain, I believe, an example is used to catch up with and surpass the bright sky, the end of the day to learn Ali, again departed for Jin Di tomorrow!




Warm foreign trade, no regrets youth

In the summer of passion, winning hundreds of regiments, in July 18th, the company's foreign trade electricity supplier team to participate in the "hundred regiments war" sponsored by Alibaba. The same day, four soldiers signed a military order when the foreign trade business scene in the past 45 days is visible before the eyes, the hundred regiments also ushered in the first battle.

A war without smoke has just fallen into the curtain. The afternoon of September 14th, the Alibaba sponsored the "hundred regiments" Xiaoshan district activities awards ceremony was held at the relax hotel. Four soldiers led by He Linna Di, an occasion to repair, spirit to do the best, Diren gold, in the hundred regiments fighting, through 45 days of hard work, Bao Yanping received the Legion soldier "fastest single soldier" award, "promise" award; Tan Yong won the Legion "as good as gold" Award; He Linna won the "best marshal" award of honor legion.

In these 45 days, our lovely and respectable salesmen, for their own goals and commitments, continue to challenge themselves, beyond ourselves. Tan Yong, a boy who has been 95 years shy, is a complete foreign trade girl. He has just participated in the 100 regiments war just for a month. These 45 days, do not have the resources to find their own resources, no customers to find their own customers, he put the Alibaba once enquiries contact again, each platform release of product information, the mailbox is the development of numerous letters, often stay up at 3,4 a.m., even all night and never suffer. It is this indomitable persistence and struggle finally earned him a life in the first single, also created a goldea foreign trade business entry the shortest billing fastest record.

Another excellent foreign trade star is our beautiful 93 after Bao Yanping, April since the entry of foreign trade by craftsmen strict demands on myself. Do not know, always ask, not actively consult, is the most solid foundation in the new business. In order to meet the requirements of customers, she is resistant to high temperature to the exhibition hall, workshop non-stop shooting video, photos sent to customers, patiently answer every question of the customer. In a short period of 45 days, 4 new customers were finished, the target completion rate was as high as 397%, and the first list was completed at 1 a.m. on the first day of the first 100 regiments, and the title of "best vanguard" of the Legion was won.

Persistence, belief is the belief of everyone. We firmly believe that the struggle for 45 days can not die, but 45 days hard struggle, you can find a better self. Sometimes don't force yourself, don't know your bottom line in the end, sometimes not crazy fight, do not know how much potential. Because many people see that, but we are sure to see, believe in yourself, believe in the last seconds we can reverse the situation, we believe that God is willing to fight to help the moment.

Try to become a man, not to also become a person, but it is not a same person, Ali organization baituan have ended, but as long as we constantly challenge themselves, constantly create miracles for their performance, so everyone baituan has just begun, I hope we will continue to carry forward the regiment interval initiative, self drive, hard work, solidarity, to build our team spirit, engraved in our culture plate, Jindi home people, let us refuel together, let the young blood with us create another miracle, better meet their own.




Love dumplings, Dragon Boat summer "

Dragon Boat Festival for people often means only to send dumplings and eat dumplings, and the tradition of dumplings, people feel fresh, especially for the younger generation, people will be less dumplings dumplings.

In order to meet the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, the company organized "summer love dumplings dumplings" competition in all factory canteen. You don't have to eat dumplings when you eat incense, small dumplings, preparation process is quite a lot ah. The factory have invited some professional players, "dumplings" older workers a day ahead of time to prepare, cook, wash Zongye hemp, bacon, rice...... After 80, 90, a few staff, busy Meng circle......

In the early morning of May 27th, the "zongzi" contestants and staff gathered in the canteen. The game has not yet started, everyone will follow zongzi "teacher", the scene was all flurry and confusion to learn together, leaves falling, glutinous rice dumplings emerge in an endless stream of odd shape flurry......

In the orderly organization of the referee, the game officially started, according to the rules, the players not only to pack more, the quality must pass. Top "zongzi" player, soon pack a lot of dumplings; now the new players in the face of such new technology live, only less than half an hour, is clearly inadequate, "sandbag", "dynamite", "rice cake"...... The players are creative, but estimates are cooked into a gruel.

Down one hour competition, the judges carefully check the quality and quantity of the dumplings, the game also known as expected, ginger or the old lady, several senior players and won the top three. The sound of laughter, we work together, carefully put the rest of the material all zongzi, as all afternoon tea zongzi.

After the efforts of the "zongzi" players in the morning, all the wrapped zongzi cooked in the canteen staff, and distributed to everyone to taste. To see you eat fragrant, heard a lot of gold Di family people say "delicious", "great delicious", "zongzi" player is very gratified.

This love dumplings dumplings summer "game, the spirit of" dumplings "first, second game, really let people out of the bag Jindi home happy, eat out of happiness.




Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Qi Huanle

At leisure in mid autumn, sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in celebration of national day. National Day, Mid Autumn Festival two meet, add more festive atmosphere. In this "every festival, think twice of the day", the golden group held a "Mid Autumn Festival, celebration of National Day" theme activities, for employees to create a "reunion, harmony, civilization, joy" festive atmosphere.

"The Mid Autumn Festival is a good luck Di Lilly to send, turn around"

No moon cake is not acceptable to send moon cake Mid Autumn Festival, not creative, we must come to a different holiday this year, but also to good luck, it will give good luck to each family in their own hands Jin di.

"Lucky big turntable turn up, good luck"

Although each family has only one chance to rotate, there are still a lot of family awards, and more people rotate two consecutive times (one instead of others) jackpot. It seems really good luck......

A good harvest of rice, dragon fish, moon cake gift boxes, cash prizes and other Mid Autumn Festival gift this year, we set up the activity in each plant, through the family to rotate the "wheel of fortune" in the form of luck and gifts to take home. Courtesy is light, affection is very heavy, family members are very happy, share the joy of winning the lottery and the joy of harvest, and also add a festive atmosphere for the two sections.

The family members hold their own good luck, good manners, showing a happy smile and harvest joy......

"Love cakes, warm heart" Jin Di family moon

Hello, today is the Mid Autumn Festival, for you to send a moon cake, a blessing, I wish you a happy holiday, hard work!"

The Mid Autumn Festival means reunion, but because of the pressure of production, some of them still stick to their posts, for our products, for our customers and for our common home. We send a moon cake to express our sincere thanks and best wishes to them.

The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment。 The annual Mid Autumn Festival, in this homesick, homesick, thinking reunion moment, because of the gold, we together with copolymerization!




Sports meeting