Humanistic care

Jindi enterprise attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents, expanding employment channels, increasing employment positions, the company has more than 1000 employees. The board of directors issued a good employment mechanism, including employee career, affection and remuneration incentive pay care, pension, medical and accident insurance for employees, renovation of the apartment, and earnestly solve the cadres and workers of the enterprise by Jin Di menace from the rear, the masses of workers trust; to enrich the staff of life, to enhance staff cohesion, comrade Wang Yonghu invested about 1500000 yuan in the party for the people mountain road construction workers in service.

use the words “ Tu, when Yongquan ”, comrade Wang Yonghu that enterprises from small to large, from weak to strong, cannot do without the correct guidance of the higher levels of government departments and support, more cannot do without community care and love. The development of enterprises, society, Thanksgiving society become lofty aspirations of the pursuit of enterprise, actively promote the participation of enterprises in Xiaoshan District of the thirteenth spring action; ” “ paired up with Tu Chuan village, Jinhua Town, funded 50 thousand yuan, and the British Village tower town of building a, 50 thousand yuan subsidy; adhere to the village enterprises build, donated 20 thousand yuan to charity; every year, leaving the title of 500 thousand yuan of funds. Jindi school, covering 30 acres, is a great measure for Comrade Wang Yonghu to give back to the society. He spent 5 million yuan, founded a primary school to junior high school, has more than 2800 teachers and children from all over the country school of migrant workers — — Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Dang Shan di school. The social security and social stability in the region have been further consolidated.