• 2016

    Goldea won the China Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award

  • 2015

    Jindi has been to create a "healthy and comfortable home life" and efforts will always rooted in the hearts of Jindi people;

  • 2014

    Exports of 68 countries around the world, domestic sales outlets to 1,200, covering 80% of provinces and cities to become a real sense of the door of the door, the only access to Tencent home awarded the "China good wooden door" title;

  • 2013

    Enterprise executives 12 consecutive times to Europe to study the top 500 enterprises in the operation and management experience for the better and faster development of Kim Di laid a strong foundation;

  • 2012

    The first international top furniture designer team to join Jindi, from the Jindi has a real sense of the world-class product design capabilities;

  • 2007

    Zhejiang University, the establishment of the College of Materials, "Jin Di Group - Zhejiang University of new building materials science and technology research center"

  • 2005

    Group was established, Jindi from the beginning of the Group's industrial operation;

  • 2003

    Become China's environmental protection doors and materials production of the largest enterprises;

  • 2000

    Jindi is committed to doing a business and social responsibility, from the Group since its establishment, and actively participate in social welfare undertakings and charity, and the establishment of the Jindi famous school;

  • 1998

    China 's first health - free wood - free doors in the birth of Jindi, from the creation of the industrialization of environmentally friendly wooden doors precedent;

  • 1994

    The establishment of Jindi mirror factory, and become China's largest sales of beauty mirror sales unit, Jin Di into the rapid development stage;

  • 1992

    Inhalation of US funds, a Sino-US cooperative enterprises, Jindi integration of US resources, in the international economic situation in the effective grasp of the development opportunities;

  • 1986

    Mold Mr. Wang Yonghu created Kim Di;