Golden wooden door was founded in 1986, is the earliest domestic research and development, production, sale of wooden composite door of well-known brands. Jin Di has four large manufacturing base, a total area of 500 thousand square meters, of which three Hangzhou production base of a total of 300 thousand square meters, Jiangsu Siyang a new production base of a total of 200 thousand square meters, the size of the leading industry. More than 1600 employees, including more than 500 undergraduate students. Lead China doors industry 4 first, use Dehaomai sealing machine, CNC drilling machine and SCM group of Italy electronic saws, engraving machine, planer and so on more than 100 sets of international advanced production equipment, refined the process, construct the international first-class wood production line, with the German ERP internal management system, effectively improve the production efficiency, guarantee batch delivery time. 

Jindi enterprise mission:Let everyone enjoy the healthy home quality of life

Jindi enterprise visionBecome a global one-stop health home leader

Jindi core values(G-O-L-D-E-A)  The six core values are

                         Goal(G)、Open (O) 、Lasting(L)、

                         Detail(D)、 Efficient(E) 、Ability(A)。

Jindi marketing concept:Where the target customers are concentrated, where is the channel, integrated high-quality solutions to win customers.

Jindi service concept:Master consciousness, whole staff marketing, words must have faith, mission will reach

The brand from france

France, synonymous with fashion, full of romantic style, is more elegant, elegant and restrained, Jin Di has inherited the brand for decades with exquisite craft, elegant design as the connotation of the brand, so that every detail is revealed deep French style, elegant low-key style, to create lifestyle brand Home Furnishing, French taste full. "Di" classic paint free doors series, a new wave of the continuation of health concept but there are the main concise low-key style, without any burden and delicate appearance, let Home Furnishing decoration full sense of ceremony, for you, to the ultimate experience.

Subverting the new fashion and reshaping the aesthetic taste. The inspiration comes from Paris, a city that is romantic, fashionable and modern.